The hairwash for hair you are not meant to see.

Hijab shampoo

Hijab shampoo

On the left is a photo of one of the most curious products we have encountered in years of travel- hijab shampoo. The label says it all, the hair shampoo for people who are not allowed to show their hair. A literalist might protest that the product is designed to do exactly as it says: shampoo the hijab, the scarf many Muslim women use to cover their hair, but of course this could be done just as effectively and cheaper with Omo.

This headscarf is popularly believed an effective means of lowering the passions of Muslim men, who apparently struggling to control their lust, might even commit the sin of Onan upon the sight of a single strand of female hair.

Bali with its Hindu majority is the most un-Muslim part of the world’s most populous Muslim majority nation and the hijab is infrequently seen, but the local supermarket felt the need to stock this product just in case. Maybe also it is because the island is attracting more tourists from the rest of the country.

The hijab is one of the most visible symbols of a religion that is becoming globally assertive and some might suggest, contemptuous of what the rest of the world thinks. If you doubt this statement, zoom in on the photo and look at the model’s left hand.

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