From Wurst to Bad

From wurst to bad

sundeck 2_024

The Germans like to eat, they like to eat meat and they like to eat processed and smoked meat of the type and volume that would cause earnest Australian health care professionals to warn that eventual death was almost a certainty.

As we have already learned their wurst is the world’s best, so where do they take the somewhat large and wobbly torsos caused by this diet? To the bad of course- the sauna bad, the orientalishe bad, meditation bad, tepidarium bad and what to the rest of us would be a good old swimming pool bad.

Where possible they also like to expose these bodies, preferaby to the sun and without a scintilla of shame- to each other. It takes a moment or two to get used to this, many places we visited put up signs declaring that there was to be no partial monty, togs were verboten, get used to it.

So it was in the main bathhouse of a place called Bad Wildbad, which sight unseen Jill pulled out  of a computerised hat and we ended up there after a long train trip from Dresden, at what we thought was the end of the line, two stops shot of our real destination without a taxi or English speaker in sight. It was 9.30 at night and the very quiet town had been closed for three hours.  

Some locals took pity on us and we eventually got to our accommodation which turned out to be the most extraordinary of our trip. It was a flat so large we could easily have moved in; with a well equipped kitchen, a real bath and waking to a panoramic view of the Black Forest mountains and a town so quiet the only disturbance came from the town hall clock and church bells that struck every quarter hour.

We soon found out why it was so quiet. It seems the place does a roaring trade in wheel chairs and prosthetic limbs.

Most of the town near where we stayed follows a fast flowing river in a very steep valley and the place is cuckoo clock cute.   A funicular railway takes you up the mountains for walks, winter skiing and the suicidal pursuit of downhill mountain biking.   

From parts of the main street and clearly from the funicular, you can see the patrons of the main baths swimming in the pool and sunbaking on the terrace, wearing nothing but their tans. Inside the baths there was the restored 19th century section with an eclectic mix of Moorish arches  and marble Greco- Roman style sculptures. Some baths are large others only big enough for two with doors for prJill and venus 1 _009ivacy.   

In the new section which includes the sun deck, there are maybe 10 saunas and steam baths plus various cool pools. The most spectacular is the Panorama sauna on the top floor which allows views of the town and the mountains from the inside. From the outside there are equally spectacular views of the patronsJill panorama sauna shrunk.

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