The mother of all photo opportunities.

The mother of all photo opportunities.

After seeing this poster in Berlin, I now know the genesis of the sickening stunts out politicians play every day for the television cameras. I always hated the phoniness of Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott or Ted Baillieu donning a hard hat and safety vest while pretending to do something with their hands, when they want to make some announcement that will connect with so called “ordinary people.” 

It is bad enough being a tired cliché, but now I know the disgusting pedigree of this form of political manipulation They land in every news editor’s email in box several times a day as what are cutely called a ”photo ops.” 

One of our best was when Jeff Kennett famously turned his phony sand shovelling on the assembled media.

This deliberately generated garbage clogs up the media from doing anything of real use, because only the bravest editor would not send staff lest something important was dropped and the opposition got it while his/her outfit did not. 

This poster of Hitler was in an exhibition entitled the Topography of Terror and it was used to back up one of the Fuhrer’s early lies after coming to power. It claimed that the Nazi Government was responsible for getting the country’s autobahns built. The fact was they were already underway under the Weimar Government the Nazis replaced. The Nazis after all really understood the value of propaganda, a skill our own leaders seem to have inherited.

I think the best thing the media could do in a democratic society, is to ignore this stuff. Turn our backs like you do with fighting dogs, maybe our leaders will then behave.

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