adventures in Funland

Don’t make eye contact with a Finn and don’t say hello to a stranger! They think it’s intrusive and bad manners. They believe in privacy and being quiet unless it is necessary to say something. This was less obvious in touristy Helsinki, but her at Juva Camping, full of Finnish families having serious fun, it is very apparent. You don’t say hi to someone going in and out of the communal kitchen or bathroom or passing on a track. Once you accept that, then this is a peaceful place! There’s the sounds of Finnish being spoken in the distance, wind in the birch and spruce trees, wind whipping the lake and the occasional bird. This morning very early, about 4.00am, it felt like Bali because I was woken by roosters. Juva camping keeps chooks, goats and rabbits for children to look at.

We have a little cabin – see picture. Pine lined with a bunk, fridge, deck and window. And wi fi tonight. It’s cute surrounded by forest and with a view to the lake. We had the window wide open last night – it was mild. A sunny day today. We hired kayaks and paddled some of the lake, which has lots of water lilies and is surrounded by forests with little mokki- summer cottages- dotted here and there.

There is a sauna a the lake’s edge. Men’s hour followed by ladies’ hour in the morning. It was full. I enjoyed sitting there looking at the silver birch trees through the window and listening to the Finnish chatter. It’s such a musical language.

We learnt that there was a serious typhoon in Hong Kong on Monday. We left Saturday. Missed it by two days.

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